Obsessed With His Curvy Girl

Navy Seal and BBW Romance Series Book 1

After months at sea I don’t want a just another one-night stands, I want a girl who I can make mine. When I finally find her, a higher-ranking officer intervenes and pushes her away…

She caught more than just my eye from across the bar. 
There something about this girl, I can’t explain what it is it, but I know I have to make her mine.
Just as we’re getting to know each other, overly intoxicated Aaron runs his mouth and chases her away. 
After what he just did, I don’t know if she’ll ever want to see me again.

I don’t know why Maverick is pursuing me, he’s so out of my league. 
I don’t know what to make of it, especially after how his friend treated me.
Should I give him another chance?


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