Protecting His Curvy Girl

Navy Seal and BBW Romance Series Book 2

There’s just something about this girl that makes me feel like I need her, and little did I know she needs me too…

Admiral Benjamin Cooper:
It’s been seven long years since my wife died. I know it’s time to move on, but I still hold on to her days before the anniversary of her tragic Christmas death. While I usually like to stay buried in my work, I am forced to go to a mandatory company dinner. I was just ready to leave when a hardworking, curvy, waitress walked by and, suddenly, I knew I’d give anything to talk to her.

Insults from a Navy officer named Aaron sent me rushing out for a cigarette, in the middle of my shift. Suddenly, I turn to find a sexy admiral has followed me out and asks for a date, sealing it with a hot kiss! After what I’ve been through with my ex-boyfriend, I can’t trust so easily. But, the admiral quickly proves that he will protect me.

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