Shielding His Curvy Girl

Navy Seal and BBW Romance Series Book 3

There’s just something about this girl that makes me feel like I need her, and little did I know she needs me too…

Aaron Dupree:
Nightmares of that day plague me and I’ve lost more than just my position as Admiral, but my “girlfriend” too. I can’t remember when I could trust a woman as far as I could throw her, not even my own mother. Heather is different. She takes my insults and only gives smiles in return. She’s too good for me, but I can’t deny that with every passing day, I grow more fond of her.

Heather Summers:
I am a sucker for men who need my help. Particularly a man named Aaron who is hotter than hell and has an attitude to match. He’s no match for me though. I can see him breaking down under my kindness, but I’ve heard that he has an issue with women my size.

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